Internet of Things

IoT has made it easier than ever to set up a smart home in which you can remotely control your door locks, lights, thermostats, vacuums, and even pet feeders, using your smartphone and our KUJU products. It’s also made it simple and affordable to monitor your home from just about anywhere. A smart home automation system connects to your home Wi-Fi network so you can monitor and control your security devices using your smartphone.

Entry-level systems typically include a couple of door and window sensors, a motion detector, and a KUJU gateway that communicates with these devices using the wireless protocols, Z-Wave. You can add extra door, motion, and window sensors to provide coverage for your entire house and build a comprehensive system that includes door locks, garage door openers, indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, lights, sirens, smoke/CO detectors, water sensors, and more.

Residential Solution

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, more people are interest to experience the wisdom of life – customized living comfort, multi-functional security alarm, remote home, energy conservation. KUJU is your solution to create a comprehensive, safe, comfortable, energy saving smart home system.

KUJU system provides you a safe, secure, energy saving, and convenient living environment.

Meeting Room Solution

In the new internet era of smart products, the need for intelligent office keeps increasing. Monitoring and control of office becomes more liquidity and regional. Intelligence office system includes three major applications – security, environmental protection, intelligent control. KUJU is the best choice to fully satisfy the needs by our simple install, easy to operate, cost-effective solution.

KUJU meeting room solution provides you a centralized management platform, scene control, intelligent interaction, energy saving, safe and secure meeting room.

Hotel/Serviced Apartment Solution

Due to the social development , people require more high quality and smart service from hotel during their trip, the need of the intelligent room keep increasing. Monitoring and control becomes a important issues to both the user and the hotel owner. The system includes three major applications – security, energy saving, and intelligent control. KUJU provides the simple install, easy to operate, cost-effective solution to you.

Hotel Serviced Apartment Solution

Elderly Care Solution

The latest data shows that Hong Kong has more than 1.2 million old people. Due to work, study, marriage and other reasons, children is away from their family which caused half of the total number of the elderly is living alone. Daily Living Assist, Health Care, Security Monitoring becomes extremely important.

KUJU provides health care, family monitoring, and assisted comfort living to the elderly.

Security/Environmental Solution

Smart security systems are highly customizable and available as do-it-yourself kits or as full-blown setups that include professional installation and monitoring. You can go with a system that you monitor yourself, and have your home surveilled 24/7 by professionals system. Here’s what to look for when deciding how to outfit your home, along with the top systems we’ve tested.

Security Environmental Solution