Smart Office Solutions

HKSTP/ HKEIA / Megacube

Buildings use about 40 per cent of the world’s energy, 22 per cent of its water, 40 per cent of resources and they emit about a third of all greenhouse gas, according to the UN Environment Programme. Yet existing buildings can be made to operate more efficiently using much less energy, the agency says.

The technology – KUJU Smart Automation System, a proprietary system from Hong Kong-based company – was initially deployed for lighting control, curtain control, projector control, power monitoring, etc. Every day, the sensors aggregate a vast amount of data on motion, temperature and light levels. This is transformed into ‘actionable intelligence’ letting the user monitor space utilisation, helping to inform real estate strategies. For example, the smart office uses the sensors to turn audio-visual technology on and off. The sensors can detect the level of light coming through the windows and adjust accordingly, and work with heating and cooling systems to regulate the temperature.

Users are allow to control the office though using the application, and define their own scene, likes “Meeting”, “Leave”, “Projector Mode”, etc. Different application of our KUJU system brings users convenience and reduce the energy used.