Dr. Reborn – Beauty Salon

Dr. Reborn

Dr. Reborn is a beauty salon proudly listed in Hong Kong. They aims to become a world-class level beauty group specializing in diversified healthcare, and a leader in the innovation of cosmetology. Also, Dr. Reborn aims to shape Hong Kong into an international health and beauty services centre, and to change it into the first medical and beauty services choice provider in Asia.

Dr. Reborn presents distinguished medical beauty services and enhances the personal value and quality of life by utilizing world leading equipment and technologies via skilled and experienced professionals.

Dr. Reborn provides a high quality beauty services to their customers and a convenience and unique beauty services experience. Our solution is suitable for them. There is something noticeable, the flagship stores are in operation. Our solution is wireless and easy to install. The whole solution is installed in outsides hours of operation. The whole stores turn to a smart beauty salon after the installation.

Customers are allow to control the room(lighting, curtain, atomized glass, emergency button, etc.)  with the tab provided near the bed without asking help from the staffs.